● Make building lively through added values in the process of architecture.
● Design for both humanity and technology to increase quality of human’s life.
● Offer useful products to make cooking experience more cheerful in daily life and show affections to the family.


Enamel grates

Wall panels

Home appliance

Casting products

Product Categories

Home Appliance: Grate, Griddle, Grill, Cookware, Hand Dryer
Architecture: Aluminum panels, grid and joist in 400dpi Wood Grain, Marble or Granite texture
Traffic: Road Safety Products like Traffic delineator, Anti glare board, Information and way-finding signs, Road signs
Home Decor & Furniture: World Map, Decorative Picture, Wall mural, Dining table, Kid play table, Doodle table
Industrial: Patented heat exchanger and pipe, Water and sewer cast iron joints
Art & Lifestyle: Customized art panels and pictures, hand-made drawings etc

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